Linglong International (Europe) Co., Ltd. (LLIE) 丨 Committed to Employee Care

Linglong International (Europe) Co., Ltd. (LLIE) is in Serbia, Europe It is Linglong Tire’s second overseas factory, bringing together employees from many countries around the world to participate in the development.

Linglong International Europe pays special attention to the humanistic care of its employees and carefully prepares the employees’ induction gift packages, induction anniversary awards, and birthday gifts to enhance the cohesion force of employees.

The company will also provide employees with suitable jobs and various training opportunities based on the expertise and intentions of different employees so that they can gain a sense of accomplishment in their work.

Kristina Todorović: (Serbia)
I am a trainee of Linglong Tire, and my major is Chinese because of my love for Chinese culture.
During the time I worked in the company, I got a lot of opportunities to practice Chinese, and my Chinese level was greatly improved.
The company also regularly organizes professional training to help us improve our work capabilities. Coming to Linglong for 5 months, I feel that I am growing every day.
In the future, I hope that with the improvement of my workability and Chinese level, I will have the opportunity to visit China and experience the profoundness of Chinese culture.

Aof (Thailand)
From the initial production base of Linglong in Thailand to the current international production base of Linglong in Europe, I have been followed in Linglong’s footsteps.
Linglong has provided me with a good working environment, allowing me to accumulate a wealth of work experience. The company also organized learning the Serbian language so that I could learn one more language at work.
In the past few years, I have witnessed the growth of Linglong and felt the growth that Linglong has brought to me. I hope I can use my own harvest to contribute more to Linglong.

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