We manufacture our tyres in Thailand and Serbia, utilizing the latest technology and production methods to ensure the highest quality standards. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, and our skilled workers are committed to delivering products that meet or exceed our customers expectations.

At Hubtrac Adria, we understand the importance of research and development in the tyre industry. That’s why our R&D team is based in Germany, a country known for its innovation and expertise in engineering. Our team is dedicated to developing new technologies and products that push the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.


Our company leadership has over 25 years of experience in the tyre industry, providing us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we bring to every customer interaction.

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LIMITED WARRANTY Is Globally Available 

Limited Warranty Policy

This limited warranty policy is applicable to tires manufactured by LINGLONG TIRE bearing HUBTRAC brand name and complete D.O.T. serial identification number. Subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, LINGLONG TIRE hereby warrants and certifies that tires supplied to its Customer (Buyer) are warranted against failure to complete their satisfactory life as a result of any inherent deficiency relating to workmanship or material.


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