Linglong Got Ford Q1 Award

On April 2, 2021, Ford Q1 Award Ceremony was held in Linglong International Tire (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LLIT), which means that LLIT has been listed in Ford excellent manufacturer list, and the new progress has been made in Linglong global OE market.

Ford Q1 Award is an extremely influential benchmark for supplier’s product quality assessment and certification in the automotive industry. It is the highest honor that Ford has accredited to its suppliers, representing the highest quality and reliability of a tire maker.

In order to pass Ford’s Q1 certification, the HQ of Linglong and LLIT have been united to overcome various difficulties. Finally, the company has gone through Ford’s rigorous review procedures in terms of on-site management, equipment improvement, process improvement, and tool use etc., and won this honor.

For many years, Linglong has been laying strategic emphasis on its OE market. On the one hand, Linglong continues to manufacture high-quality and high-performance products to meet the needs of automobile makers and launches high-end brands gradually through continuous R&D investment and quality improvement, with high safety, high mileage, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence as the main direction.

On the other hand, the company actively “goes out” and has built manufacturing bases Serbia and Thailand, aiming at reducing production and logistics costs by the help of local industrial chain resources and location advantages. Meanwhile, its R&D institutions in Germany and the United States can better serve global well-known automobile enterprises through developing products that are more suitable for the local requirement.

Ford’s Q1 certification is of great significance for deepening the global cooperation between the two parties. In the future, the company will continue to increasing R&D investment and focusing on quality and service, making greater contributions to driving the development of Ford and other global automakers as well as Linglong Tire.

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