LINGLONG TIRE Has Developed A New Generation of MASTER Series Tires

08.03/2021 sources from Official Linglong Website  

LINGLONG TIRE has developed a new generation of MASTER series tires after years of technology accumulation.

The summer tires consist of three series products, COMFORT MASTER(an HP product line), SPORT MASTER(a UHP product line), and GRIP MASTER C/S (an SUV HP product line). These three series of products are carrying a number of Linglong’s unique technologies such as membrane destruction unit technology and the third-generation high-control and wet skid resistance resin formula. To ensure that the tire can quickly cut and pierce the water film during the braking process drain the stagnant water in the pattern and improve the traction of tire.

Winter studless product, named Nord MASTER is equipped with Linglong’s second-generation soft tread compound and “gecko like bionic pattern design”, which greatly improves the ice and snow performance of the tire. In October 2020, tested by Test World magazine, Nord MASTER has ranked eighth among all tested products.

The new generation of MASTER series are targeted for the European market and some specifications have been put into mass production currently. All the specifications are expected to be launched in 2021 successively.

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