The Mayor of Zrenjanin in Serbia and Linglong Employees Jointly Carried out Tree Planting

Linglong International (Europe) Co., Ltd. (LLIE) is in Serbia, Europe, and is the second overseas factory of Linglong’s “6 + 6” global strategy. Since the launch of the project in 2019, the company has always regarded fulfilling corporate social responsibility and promoting local urban construction as one of the important development concepts.

In addition to providing employees with more suitable job opportunities, the company also actively organized employees to carry out various public welfare activities to help Serbian residents improve the social environment and the quality of life.

During this activity, the mayor of Zrenjanin made a speech, thanks for Linglong tire continuous contribution to improving the lives of Serbian residents and urban construction. In the future, the government department is willing to organize more meaningful public welfare activities with Linglong, so that the Serbian people can feel the enthusiasm and strength of Chinese companies.

In addition to Serbia, Linglong Tire also organized tree planting activities at the company’s production bases in the head office, and Linglong plant tens of thousands of trees every year.

In the future, Linglong will carry out more public welfare activities in different countries and areas and use Linglong’s power to development public welfare and promote the improvement of the social ecological environment.

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