To Build a Sustainable Brand, Linglong’s Brand Value Increased to Nearly 60 billion Yuan.

25.06/2021 from

The (18th) “World Brand Conference” hosted by the World Brand Lab was held in Beijing on June 22. The 2021 “Chinese 500 Most Valuable Brands” list was released. Linglong Tire ranks 113th with a brand value of 59.672 billion yuan, and its brand value has maintained an increase of more than 5 billion yuan for eight consecutive years.

The theme of this year’s “World Brand Conference” is ” Sustainable Brands Drive Corporate Growth.” A joint survey conducted by the World Brand Lab and Superfinance shows that brand value and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores are positively correlated, and companies can achieve long-term returns by implementing sustainable development measures.

As a high-quality tire brand, Linglong Tire knows that the value of a brand not only in its commercial value but also in its broad social value. Social value is to give back to consumers, create benefits, train employees, assume social responsibility, etc., that represents the contribution of the enterprise to the whole society, and it is also an important measure to maintain brand recognition.

In 2020, the company will provide consumers with safe and high-quality products through sustainable R&D innovation and quality improvement. While being responsible for the safe travel of consumers, the company will create profits for the company, create benefits for employees, and create value for the society. At the same time, strengthen the R&D of new materials, new technologies, and new formulas, and practice green, energy-saving and sustainable development of the enterprise through constantly exploring of new environmental protection technologies and environmental protection materials.

The implementation of sustainable brand development measures has promoted Linglong to achieve a win-win situation for both economic and social benefits. In 2021, Linglong Tire ranking 12th in the global tire revenue ranking and becoming “the fastest riser”.

The “hard” power of the brand is the product, and the “soft” power is the brand power. In the future, Linglong will continue to be attended to the safe travel of consumers, lead the sustainable development of the company, and unite deep and lasting brand strength.

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